Does your board know what they are supposed to do?

Provide the training your Board of Directors needs to help run a strong, thriving organization.

Provide the training your Board of Directors needs to stay in their lane.

Provide the training your Board of Directors needs so they know what to do.

Board Training can be challenging for so many reasons:

  • How can we get board members to take the time to attend training?
  • How can we afford to hire someone to deliver high quality, relevant training?
  • Where do we find someone to provide training?
  • How can we make board training meaningful and relevant to each of our board members?

Sneak Peek!

This is a 30 second sample of the 10 minute training video that you will have access to once purchasing! 

Train your Board by a Nonprofit with a short Board Training Video that:

  • provides board members with an understanding of specific roles and responsibilities for the entire board.
  • provides board members with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of individual board members.
  • provides board members with an understanding of why they are an important part of the organization.
  • can be shared with all board members in just a few short minutes.

Nonprofit Board Roles and Responsibilities

You will receive:
  • Training Video
  • PDF Transcript of the Training
  • Training Workbook
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A Message from the Creator of Boardflics!


As a non profit professional for over a decade I thoroughly enjoyed the Boardflics Training on Nonprofit Board Roles and Responsibilities. Boardflics is engaging, clear and concise in it's explanations, perfect for Board training! We will use Boardflics going forward during our board orientation, as well as in ongoing meetings, to keep our board focused and moving in the right direction. Thank you Boardflics for an affordable, excellent product that will aid us in strengthening our non profit!

Beth Creek

Debbie DiVirgilio

Debbie has more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. During this time, she has worked with number organizations to raise the funds they need to support their work. Additionally, Debbie is a recognized expert in board development and governance strategies. Debbie holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management and is a Certified Board Source Governance Trainer and a Licensed Standards for Excellence Consultant.


Can I share this with my board members?

Yes, we are hoping you will use the video as a training video for your board. Feel free to print copies of the training worksheet for all board members.

Is the training appropriate for my organization?

The training is appropriate for all types of nonprofit organizations- Human Service, Social Justice, Arts & Culture, Faith Based, Educational, Youth Serving, and more.

Is my Organization small enough or large enough to benefit?

The information in this training is appropriate for organizations of all sizes- from start-up to multi-million dollar.

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